Term & Conditions



Please read the terms and conditions carefully. By using our service, you are deemed to have read the terms and conditions and be bound by them.



By using our service you grant us the right to add your contact details to our database. From time to time we may contact regarding new pricing and other offers. You can easily unregister from our service by calling us or sending mail on info@nagarnigamdoortodoor.com.


We are committed to protecting the privacy of any information provided by our customers to Nagarnigamdoortodoor. We have developed internal procedures consistent with the Privacy Principles outlined in the Indian Privacy Act.


All data collected by Nagarnigamdoortodoor is held securely and will only ever be accessed by Nagarnigamdoortodoor and its employees or by third parties acting on behalf of Nagarnigamdoortodoor Where applicable information is shared with third parties or trading partners we have strict confidentiality agreements in place, prohibiting any use of this information other than the purpose for which it was provided. We may be required by law to disclose the information collected from you. In such circumstances, only information that we are required to disclose as a matter of law would be provided.


If a customer wishes to access or change the information that is held by Nagarnigamdoortodoor about themselves they can do so by contacting Nagarnigamdoortodoor via email to info@nagarnigamdoortodoor.com




This website has been developed for use by customers and intended customers. You can register complaints, start service, stop service or make online transaction using our website. Use of website or any data of website in any form is not allowed.




You need to register you complain for starting the service. Our supervisors will contact you physically for further queries. You will be registered by our supervisor to our service list. Applicable charge will be taken from you after each month of service.










Payment is accepted by means of cash, cheque, credit card, debit card or any other wallet available for payment on our website.





After completion of one month of your service our supervisor will visit you physically on provided address. Your charges will be displayed to you by our supervisor. You can pay by cash and receive the receipt from the supervisor. Another mode of payment is online transaction. Our supervisor will provide you a payment gateway page with all details and you can fill the details and confirm the payment. You will get your receipt after successful transaction.





Online payment through our supervisors app is completely secure but if you feel it unsafe, no issues we provide you another way of payment throught our website. Just simply ask our supervisor to send to details via SMS. You will receive a payment link and your unique customer id. Open the link in your browser and make the necessary payment throught website. Online receipt will be provided to you using after successful transaction.




We reserve the right to make changes to our website, policies, terms and conditions at any time.